The XMark adjustable dumbbell set features two twenty-five pound dumbbells made from heavy-duty chrome plated steel and two storage trays that allow you to easily change out the weight plates or conveniently store the DBs when not in use. Priced affordably, it comes as no surprise that this set has quickly become a popular model in the fitness industry for anyone on a tight budget searching for adjustable dumbbells that will last.

XMark Adjustable Dumbbells Rundown and Features

If you’ve been struggling to find a set of adjustable dumbbells that can work with your budget, then this set by XMark is exactly what you need.

When shopping around for adjustable dumbbells, the first feature most people tend to focus on aside from the max weight is the type of system used to adjust the weight plates. This set utilizes a sliding plastic locking catch that allows you to quickly choose the amount of weight you want to lift. The subtle difference with this system is that the sliding pins tend to stick up over the outer casing. While this does leave them slightly exposed, it doesn’t hinder your movement during use.

The weights can be adjusted in two and a half pound increments for the twenty-five-pound set, which makes them a great choice for beginners. The manufacturer also offers a fifty-pound set that features higher weight increments at ten pounds each. The fifty-pound set is obviously marketed towards experienced lifters and isn’t recommended for beginners.

Another important feature worth noting is the storage trays. Typically, when you lift the DB in or out of the tray, you’ll need to do it smoothly. It can actually be pretty frustrating to have to spend time trying to line up the slots each time you want to start a new set. But XMark overcomes this common issue caused by shallow dumbbell trays by making theirs much deeper. This, in turn, creates a more stable base that can easily keep the remaining weight plates upright.

The type of weight adjustment system used can have a major impact on how easy or difficult an adjustable dumbbell set is to use, but the handle is one design feature that ultimately has a lot to do with personal preference.

This set features uncoated handles, so you won’t get the soft rubberized grips. While the handle doesn’t offer the comfort of a rubberized grip, the manufacturer has added a series of narrow knurled bands that are designed to create an easier grip. This design also makes it easier to wrap a lifting strap around. Lifting straps can come in handy if your grip fails during any pull type movements.

XMark Dumbbells Pros and Cons

XMark Adjustable Dumbbell

Pros: If you have experience with weight training and you’ve used dumbbells before, then you’re probably already familiar with the variety of exercises you’re able to do with them. Versatility is one of the major reasons these adjustable dumbbells have remained so popular. The quick weight plate change out system can really help to speed up your workouts and you don’t have to waste any time cleaning up and reorganizing your weights like you would have to with several sets of fixed dumbbells. Using these bells will also make it easier to incorporate advanced weight training techniques into your routines, such as drop sets and super sets.

Adjusting the weight plates is very simple and the convenient storage trays allow you to set the weights inside and store them in a small space for later use. The unique handles are easy to grip, but you may want to wear lifting gloves if you’re using a heavier weight setting in order to avoid blisters. When lifting the DBs, many consumers reported that the plates remained securely in place with no sliding or clanking. These dumbbells are ideal if you want to fit in more exercises in a limited amount of time or for certain fitness programs such as P90X or workouts such as HIIT.

These dumbbells are constructed mainly out of metal, including the important components such as the weight plates and the weight adjustment system. The handle is made of a durable plastic, while any other plastic parts are used mainly for aesthetic reasons. Overall, the set is tough and sturdy, which is the main reason most lifters choose the XMark brand, aside from the lower price and easier to use weight adjustment system.

Cons: Some lifters found that the weight plates tended to stick together during the first few uses. You can remedy this issue by adding a little WD 40 to a cloth and wiping down the weight plates before you use the DBs for the first time.

While the weights do have a neat looking design, when you lift them they do feel a bit bulky. At times, you may have to adjust the position of your body in order to avoid hitting yourself because the DBs are very wide. But when you compare them to a fixed dumbbell, they’re not quite as wide as they seem. Overall, the width isn’t a major issue, you’ll just need to make slight adjustments when executing certain moves.

Adjustable Dumbbell Conclusion and Rating

These heavy-duty chrome plated adjustable dumbbells are definitely built to last and incredibly easy to use. Effectively combining several traditional dumbbells into one set allows you to save a ton of space in your home. The weight adjustment system makes it fast and easy to change out weight plates, which can help to speed up your workout time, a huge bonus if you’re trying to squeeze in a workout before work. The custom molded storage trays do an excellent job of keeping any remaining weight plates secure and also allow you to neatly store your DBs away until the next lift session.  These dumbbells are priced at a fraction of the cost you can expect to pay for fixed dumbbell sets that offer the same amount of weight. Consumers who purchased this set gave them a rating of four and a half out of five stars for ease of use, quality design, low pricing, and overall satisfaction.

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