The PowerBlock Sport 24 pound adjustable dumbbells is a great choice for anyone who has a fitness goal of toning up as opposed to bulking. Each DB weighs in at twenty-four pounds and can be easily adjusted in three-pound increments. This type of weight increment adjustment is perfect for beginners. Unfortunately, this set isn’t expandable, which is why we don’t recommend it for serious lifters.

PowerBlock Dumbbells Assessment and Features

This set features three-pound weight increments and comes with three, six, nine, twelve, fifteen, eighteen, twenty-one, and twenty-four-pound plates. DB weight can be adjusted using the selector pin system, just like a traditional weight stack at the gym.

If you’ve decided to incorporate strength training into your workout routines, but you don’t want to make the plunge and join a local gym or spend hundreds of dollars on an extensive dumbbell set for your home workouts, then this is the perfect starter set for you. Because these DBs are adjustable, they’re a great space saver.

Adjusting the weight plates with the PowerBlocks is fast and easy. Simply insert the selector pin into the correct weight slots so you end up grabbing the desired for a particular exercise. The DB’s default position is the entire twenty-four pounds. This is done by placing the selector pin at the bottom of the weight stack and allows you to lift the entire unit.

Occasionally, you may have trouble putting the selector pin in the right stack, but once you get the hang of it, weight changes will only take a few seconds.

The color coding is a brilliant feature, however, the color strips can potentially peel right off. A more serious design flaw is the welding quality. The area where the DB bar attaches to the side weight plates has an unfinished look. However, the bells themselves do seem pretty sturdy.

Sport Adjustable DB Pros and Cons

PowerBlock Sport 24 Pound Dumbbell Set

Pros: These adjustable DBs are a very popular choice for anyone who wants to get toned and for consumers who are short on space or on a tight budget. We liked how compact these weights are and how easy they are to store. The DB’s padded handle is very comfortable, making it easier to hit those last reps. This set comes with a ten-year product warranty, which is a huge selling point for consumers. The dumbbells are perfect for a wide range of exercises and can easily be incorporated into any cardio or HIIT routine, where changing out the weight plates quickly is a must. The amount of weight you have to work with may not be designed to help the lifter bulk up, but it’s the perfect weight for kicking up the intensity in a HIIT routine. The three-pound weight increments are perfect, enabling the user to gradually increase the weight, which is why we felt that these dumbbells were perfect for beginners. Any weight increment over three pounds can be dangerous for the newbie lifter.

The extensive warranty shows consumers that the manufacturer truly stands behind their product. Plus, weights get thrown around or dropped, it happens to everyone. So this extended warranty will give consumers a little peace of mind if they happen to be the type of lifter who does as many reps as possible and usually ends up dropping their dumbbells at the end of the last set.

Cons: We felt the biggest drawback for this set was the weight limit. Because this set isn’t expandable you’ll have to purchase an entirely new set of adjustable dumbbells once you outgrow these. Other models on the market will allow you to purchase expansion packs, which consist of heavier plates that are compatible with the adjustable DB’s. Again, this won’t be an issue for consumers who want to get toned, but if your fitness goal is to bulk then you may want to search for a more versatile set of dumbbells. We felt that the selector pins and magnets could be stronger. For added safety, there are magnets in the pin selectors that hold the pins against the bars on the side of the weight plates, which is meant to reduce the chances of it slipping out as you lift. While this feature makes a lot of sense, the magnets themselves are pretty weak. During a set you may notice that the pins have moved slightly, however, the pin never comes completely loose. Another issue is carpet. If you have carpeted floors you’ll need to use the DBs on a flat hard surface, otherwise, the bells will just sink into the floor, making it difficult to change the weight plates. You’ll also need to pay close attention when using the pin selector because it’s all too easy to slide it in at an angle, placing it across a couple of different weight plates.

Adjustable Dumbbells by PowerBlock Conclusion and Rating

Just like other PowerBlock models, the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells is a good entry level set that’s well-made and fairly easy to use as long as you pay attention to weight plate changes. It’s smaller, compact size makes them easy to store and transport. Additionally, these DBs also allow you to do a wide range of exercises in the comfort of your home. As we have mentioned, the biggest issue most lifters had with this set was the inability to purchase additional, heavier plates. So if you’re on a tight budget and want a set of adjustable dumbbells that you can expand later down the line, then this set isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if your goal is to tone up, then twenty-four pounds is more than enough to work with.

If you’ve been shopping around looking for the right set, then you know for the price, the PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells is a total steal.

Overall, consumers gave this set a rating of four out of five stars for ease of use, pricing, and overall quality.

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