The Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are available in the twenty-five-pound set or the fifty-pound set. The manufacturer also sells a single fifty-pound dumbbell option. The bells are made from a heavy-duty chrome plated steel construction and because of the innovative weight stacking design, you won’t have to purchase several sets of dumbbells for your home gym, making these DBs real space savers.

No home gym is complete without a dumbbell set. Setting up a home gym is all about saving money and added convenience, which is why having a good set of weights can be so important. These Bayou dumbbells are very versatile, not to mention eye-catching. Their chrome plated silver and black design gives them a tough, high-quality look. Keep in mind that a single bell can replace five to ten fixed bells, depending on the weight package you choose.

Adjustable Dumbbells by Bayou Fitness Overview and Features

In most home gyms, dedicating a large amount of space to accommodate several pairs of dumbbells just isn’t realistic. Which is why these DBs by Bayou Fitness can be a total lifesaver if your workout space is very limited. Each dumbbell comes with its own storage tray where you can securely rest each DB and adjust the weight you need for each type of exercise. To add or decrease the weight, simply slide the metal locking pin along the DB’s central track. The bells can be adjusted in five-pound weight increments.

The amount of weight that remains on each DB when you pick it up out of the storage tray will depend on the position of the locking pin. Moving the pin closer to the handles result in less weight while placing the pin towards the end of the bell allows you to lift more weight.

Any remaining weight plates will remain secure in the storage tray until you’ve finished a set, at which point you can add more weight or leave the bell in the storage tray for later use.

You’ll notice that the textured knurling and the diameter of the bar do offer some assistance with grip, but the handles are not rubber coated.

These dumbbells come with a limited one-year product warranty and two storage trays. They measure in at nine inches in height, eight inches wide and just under sixteen inches long. The cool look and sleek design will give your home gym a pro look.

Adjustable Dumbbells Pros and Cons

Bayou Fitness Adjustable DumbbellPros: The bells can be used for a number of exercises that work the core, back, shoulders, chest, and arms. At the end of the day, we felt that these dumbbells are able to withstand plenty of use and abuse.

By far, the best reason to purchase these DBs is the fact that they can replace several pairs of fixed bells. Most home gyms have limited space for dumbbell storage, so this self-containing set of DBs can provide more room for you to get in a tough workout quickly and without having to clean up and reorganize your DBs once you’re done.

We also liked that the weights can be adjusted in five-pound increments, which is pretty reasonable. However, if you’re new to lifting, the five pound increments may be too high and can potentially lead to injury if you don’t pace yourself.

Lifters have reported that changing the weight plates was a very fast and easy process. Some lifters also reported that using a little WD 40 on the sliding mechanism made it even easier.

The bells are sturdy and well-constructed. They don’t feature webbing straps or a lot of plastic in the construction, so you know they’ll last for many years to come.

Cons: While these bells are suitable for most new lifters, if you normally lift heavy then the twenty-five pound and fifty-pound max weight may not be challenging enough for you.

Even though they feature a solid construction, many users reported hearing a rattling sound when lifting.

The ends of each DB are covered in plastic that’s held in place with a hex screw. Many lifters reported that the screw can come loose easily, which poses a safety issue.

Some buyers had issues with the weight adjustment knobs sticking, however, as we mentioned, using a little WD 40 can remedy this type of problem.

At times, the storage trays can stick to the DBs, so you’ll need to hold down the tray when you’re lifting a bell. We also felt that they trays would be more convenient to use if they came equipped with handles, which would make it easier to move them around.

Some buyers felt that these DBs were just too bulky, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to design a set of adjustable bells that are as sleek as a pair of fixed dumbbells, and these DBs are actually much sleeker than competing models.

Bayou Fitness Adjustable DBs Conclusion and Rating

The Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbells are sturdy, offer a decent weight capacity and can be purchased in a couple of different weight sizes. The five-pound weight increments can be perfect for heavy lifters but may be a little much for beginners. Typically, a beginner would do well with a two to three-pound weight increment increase. However, for certain exercises that most people prefer to lift heavy, such as chest workouts, the five-pound increase shouldn’t be a problem. For any home gym that’s tight on space, these dumbbells are an excellent choice. Some competing models utilize straps to hold the weight plates to the dumbbell, while others use too much plastic in their construction. These bells are solid steel throughout, with the exception of the plastic used on the ends of the weight heads.

Bottom line, these dumbbells by Bayou Fitness can offer more versatility to your workouts and are a much more affordable option than buying several sets of fixed dumbbells. These dumbbells by Bayou is one of the best adjustable dumbbells and the consumers who purchased this set gave them a rating of five out of five stars for the solid construction, easy weight changing system, and pricing.

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